Pele's funeral and burial will be held in his hometown of Santos.
Pele’s funeral and burial will be held in his hometown of Santos.

The great Brazilian footballer Pele has said goodbye to the world at the age of 82. He was battling cancer. During the treatment in the hospital itself, many organs of Pele had stopped working, due to which he died. Pele’s daughter Kelly Nascimento admitted Pele to the hospital last month. Now informed about the death of Pele through Instagram.

Legend Pele has won the FIFA World Cup for his Brazil team 3 times. Pele, who convinced people with his charismatic game on the field, was a very romantic and sociable person in his personal life.

Pele had three marriages in his life. Apart from these, he has also had affairs with many models and singers. Pele also became the father of 7 children from three wives. Of these 7 children, 5 are girls and two are boys. All of them live happily together.

The great footballer Pele was first married to Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi. This marriage took place in the 1960s. Had 3 children from the first wife. There were two girls and one boy in it.

A few years after the first marriage, Pele’s affair with Brazilian singer Xuxa started. Because of this Pele’s first marriage also broke. But the affair between football legend Pele and singer Xuxa did not last long. The two separated in 1986.

Pele married Assiria Lemos Seixas in 1996. During this Pele became the father of twins. This time a son and a daughter were born. However, Pele’s second marriage lasted 12 years and ended in divorce.

After this, Brazilian legend Pele confessed in 2016 that he had married Marcia Cibele Aoiki for the third time. From this third marriage too, Pele became the father of two children. These are both daughters. Pele was very happy with his family, but lost the battle of life due to cancer.