What is BFB247?

BFB247 provides a wide variety of sports-related gaming options in a streamlined interface. Find the best odds and highest limits on BFB247 for a wide variety of sporting events, with a special focus on football and cricket. BFB247’s Betfair-powered sports betting exchange has massive liquidity across thousands of different sporting events. Play the best live online casino games and slots anytime, anywhere.

You can place wagers at both the Pinnacle sportsbook and the Footballbook, a specialized football product that will provide access to a broad variety of contests with large limits and low margins, thanks to our cooperation with the Orbit exchange (BETFAIR).Our proprietary Cricketbook offering gives you access to more markets on cricket than any other bookmaker. In addition, we also provide Casino and Slots games where you can place wagers.

The following bookies are accessible through your BFB247 account::

– OrbitX

– Pinnacle

– Footbalbook

– CricketBook

– Casino

– Slots

is the only service that gives you access to all of these features with a single login.

BFB247 is a one-stop shop for your gambling needs.

If you’re looking for a top-tier online sports betting and gaming platform, go no further than BFB247. It offers a wide variety of sports entertainment in a streamlined format. With a focus on cricket and football, BFB247 offers some of the most aggressive odds and highest limits in the industry. Betfair, the biggest sports betting exchange in the world, powers this one.

Users of BFB247 have the option of using either Pinnacle or Orbit Exchange to place wagers. In addition, it caters specifically to football fans with its Footballbook section and cricket fans with its Cricketbook section. All sure bettors, matched bettors, and value bettors should have BFB247.

There are no restrictions on who can use bfb247. They place no limits on even the most astute gamblers. As a result, surebettors, matched bettors, and professional sports bettors should use BFB247 as their go-to betting site.


Orbit Exchange

Orbit Exchange
It’s an improved version of Betfair’s white label, Orbit Exchange.


The cornerstone of the BFB247 service is the betting exchange. It’s an improved version of Betfair’s white label, Orbit Exchange. Orbit can be accessed by BFB247 members by way of the “Exchange” tab at the top of the page.

If you’re interested in Orbit Exchange, you should read BFB247’s in-depth assessment. Also see our review of Betfair. Orbit features a large selection of sports and a number of betting markets.

Especially for matched betting and surebetting, the Lay or Back functionality is crucial. To wager against a team, use the lay, and to wager in favor of a team, use the back. Orbit provides odds in the European format and allows in-play trading.

If you use bfb247’s Orbit Exchange, you’ll have access to the same excellent liquidity that is available on Betfair Exchange.


The exchange is the most intriguing feature of BFB247, especially for surebettors, matched bettors, and arbitrage bettors. However, keep reading because the other items are also fantastic bargains!

Pinnacle Sportsbook

Pinnacle Sportsbook​
Pinnacle software runs the sportsbook at BFB247.

Pinnacle software runs the sportsbook at BFB247. The sports betting community generally agrees that Pinnacle is among the “sharpest” options available. They have generous betting limits and excellent odds. It was one of the first and largest bookmakers to offer odds on electronic sports. There, you’ll find the biggest betting limits anywhere in the world. Millions of dollars in wagers are taken on tournaments like the World Cup and the European Championship.

Pinnacle Sportsbook has a user-friendly UI. The website may be viewed in three different formats: Asian, European, and Classic — and it’s available in 12 different tongues. Sportsbook and Footballbook wagers are settled using the same account balance. There will be no need to re-transfer money.

When you join Pinnacle through bfb247, you’ll have access to the same high limits that you’d find on Pinnacle’s main site. In comparison to betting at Pinnacle through other brokers, where limits are often half that amount, this is a huge benefit.

Having access to Pinnacle is crucial for surebettors and matched bettors. Pinnacle’s lines tend to shift before those of other sportsbooks, so if you bet with them and take the opposite wager with a book that hasn’t yet adjusted its odds, you’ll have a sure bet. They also encourage all types of participants, including arbitrageurs.



BFB247 offers a specialized Footballbook where punters may wager on matches from a wide variety of international leagues.


BFB247 offers a specialized Footballbook where punters may wager on matches from a wide variety of international leagues. The calendar of upcoming matches and active in-play wagers are both easily accessible from the homepage. On the right hand side of the page, viewers can choose to watch live matches. Easybet, which also provides liquidity to ISN, powers this Footballbook. Footballbook offers a wide variety of wagers, including win/lose, halftime win, asian handicap, and many others. Footballbook also provides daily high-quality live TV streaming of multiple football matches.


Bets on hundreds of international cricket matches are currently available in BFB247’s dedicated Cricketbook


Bets on hundreds of international cricket matches are currently available in BFB247’s dedicated Cricketbook. E-cricket, virtual cricket, etc., are a part of this, as well as matches between national and worldwide leagues. BFB247 offers both set odds and back-and-lay wagering. Bets can be placed on the match’s winner as well as individual over totals, batsmen totals, innings totals, and the number of fours and sixes scored in each inning. The site features a live stream of a cricket match, much like the Footballbook does with football games.

Cricketbook has the highest liquidity and best odds on any cricket match in the world.

Live Casino and Slots

Live Casino and Slots
Live Casino and Slots

Bet on a wide variety of casino and slot games at BFB247’s live casino and slots areas.


lightning dice, 

dream catcher, 

mega ball, 

super sic-bo, 

auto roulette, 


football studio, 


monopoly crazy time, and a plethora of other games are among the most popular casino staples. 

Games like “The Book of Antigue,” “The Super Road Machine,”  “The Great Speech,”  “The Vault Blast,” “The Sushi Saga,”  and many more are available.

Cricket Betting Advice for Players in India and Bangladesh

Now that you understand how BFB247 is different from the rest, we’ll go over some cricket betting advice that will improve your odds of winning:

Before placing a wager, educate yourself about the teams, players, pitch conditions, and weather as much as possible. If you want to make smart choices, you should look at things like head-to-head records and current form.

Learn How to Read Odds: If you want to get the most out of your wagers, you should know how to read betting odds and compare them across different bookies.

Bet on a Variety of Different Things: You can reduce exposure to loss and boost possible gain by spreading your wagers across multiple markets and games. You shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Focus on One Specific Presentation Style: Focus your betting efforts on the type of cricket match you understand best (Test, ODI, or T20). You can learn more about the game and improve your ability to predict its outcome by doing so.

Keep an Eye on In-Play Action In-play, or live, betting offers the chance to wager on the outcome of a game as it’s unfolding. Keep your eyes out for promising openings, and be prepared to pounce.

Do as Suggested by the Pros: Keep up with the latest insights and forecasts from industry leaders. Although you shouldn’t rely exclusively on them, these guidelines will help you make more informed wagers.

Seek Out Betting Bonuses and Deals Make the most of the promotions, bonuses, and deals that BFB247 and other betting sites have to offer. These can increase your betting resources and open up new betting windows.

Follow Cricket News: Keep up with the newest cricket news, including player suspensions, team trades, and injuries. The results of matches and your wagering choices can be greatly affected by this data.

Get Smarter as You Go Along Think critically on your wagers and pinpoint opportunities for development. Make better future decisions and improve your betting strategy by using the data provided here.

Be a Responsible Gambler and Never Bet More Than You Can Afford. Betting shouldn’t cause more financial worry than it’s worth.
Indian and Bangladeshi clients can improve their cricket betting experience and odds by following these guidelines and making use of the tools provided by BFB247. Do your homework, have a plan, and stick to it if you want to make money betting on cricket. Apply these guidelines, keep at it, and see your profits increase.


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